We at View Consultancy use contemporary and present day software to add innovation to asset management. These software-based elements provide great facilitation to our clients, distinguish us from other contemporaries and set our standards much higher. The Fixed Assets Management Software (Fixatrac) is formulated to probe into the changing realms of the asset management and bring about a change in these trends.

Partnering with RedSecure Systems for its flagship product Fixatrac, View Consultancy will be working jointly to provide and implement the software requirement as per the defined scope of work.

  • Manages the fiscal, physical and contractual information of assets throughout their life cycle.
  • Manages furnished property and equipment, contractor acquired assets, and the company assets all under one umbrella.
  • Collects and updates data from disparate applications
  • Integrates with other applications to enable data efficiency
  • Provides Assets Registration, Individual Asset Management, Maintenance and Warrantee Management, Annual Audit Functionality, Full Physical and Financial Individual Asset Management